Become a friend of the VC. Be a part of our DNA.


Many individuals and businesses chose to invest in The VC Gallery as a means of strengthening their community. The VC Gallery is a registered charity that has the facilities to provide week-long, 9-5 interaction with those most vulnerable in the community. Becoming a friend of The VC Gallery means becoming a key factor in supporting a diverse group of people that have come together to collectively heal, gain confidence and a voice through art, and give back to the wider community through outreach. 

The VC Gallery is one of the only charities where you can see your investment at work any time you drop in! When you do, you’re likely to find us using your generous donation to help a veteran reacclimatise to civilian life or helping a socially-isolated individual rediscover their voice through art. There’s no limit to the benefits your help can provide. That’s why every investor becomes a part of the DNA of who we are as a charity through their donation. 


By becoming part of our DNA, you become part of a legacy. Your legacy of help within the community will be documented for all to see through our extensive videos, brochures, and public engagements. At The VC, we like to talk about ourselves. By becoming part of our legacy, you can ensure that we’re talking about you or your business wherever we are. 

We don’t mean in simple, general terms either! No, we’ll go out of our way to explain how your investment was channelled directly into an area of need that is consistent with your charitable ethos—and provide practical examples of how people’s lives have been improved because of your generosity. 

Bluestone and Valero are organisations that have become a part of our DNA and in doing so have become key players in a legacy of change happening every day in West Wales. We hope you’ll join this unique chorus of voices uniting to strengthen their community through supporting The VC Gallery. 


Weʼre raising £500 to help the VC Gallery with the immediate costs of assisting veterans and the wider community to reduce social isolation.


What our investors tell us they receive when we talk about the benefits of their donation is a ‘social return’ on their investment. Whether it’s a reduction in youth-related crime, the knowledge that elderly veterans are being listened to and supported, or witnessing a new generation engage with their community in a meaningful way. The social return you experience will be unique to you and the area in which your investment has been directed. We’d encourage you to visit and talk to us about your priorities and charitable ethos, so we can ensure that your investment is channelled into the areas in which you want to see a difference. 


But I’m just one person, how can I make a difference?

Well, you’d be surprised. Every day, we get people crossing the threshold into The VC Gallery to ask what they as individuals can do to help. When this happens, we ask them a little about themselves and it soon becomes evident how they can contribute to the VC’s good work. For example, some of them like to run, walk, or even fly! All of these pastimes can be converted into fundraising opportunities for The VC. If you’re not an outdoors type, there’s still a role for you to play. Many veterans in care homes appreciate visits from our members, and if you were drawn to The VC out of an interest in military history, what better way to learn more than directly form the unsung heroes that fought in the wars of the 20th Century?

The VC Gallery was started by an individual, but over the years it’s grown into so much more. Every community is built on thousands of individuals playing crucial roles. 


Every day, we have individuals that want to do good for there communituy. Many run, walk and sometimes fly, to raise much needed funds for our charity. 


Through easyfundraising and AmazonSmile, you can even support the The VC Gallery as you shop. Find out more at the links below.

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