We are very proud to exhibit these wonderful artists and their amazing talents, from landscapes and abstract works to pen and ink through to large scale graffiti. We pride ourselves on showcasing professional artists alongside up and coming painters, talented beginners, and even children who are dipping their toes in the art world! Our gallery can boast a two-floor exhibition space in Bridge Street Haverfordwest showing stunning works and also our famous Art of Remembrance exhibition with artworks from the WW1 up to the current conflicts. 

All art sales help us continue our great work in the charity sector, with veterans and the wider community.


Aberiddy | Sheila Davies

Autumn Woods | Pam Huggett

Canaston in Winter |

Chris Reynolds | Spring Wind

City Blues | Mark Rosser


Indira Mukherji | Eye of the Storm

Morning View | Mark Rosser

Nolton Haven Sunset | Mark Rosser


Rocks Near St Non's (St Davids) | Colleen Steed

Sheila Davies 2

Indira Mukherji | Painting 3

The Old Ram | Pam Huggett

Three Horses | Anna Hatton

View From Caeddau Bridge | Anna Hatton

Barry John | I Said Latte!

St Marys Church | Nina Camplin

Sun | Dave Hands

Sunset Lowtide | Dave Hands

Summers Day | Dave Hands

Low Sun | Dave Hands

Beach | Dave Hands

Small Harbour | Dave Hands

White Horses | Alan Edwards

Autumn Headland | Alan Edwards

Autumn Forest | Pam Huggett

Blue Away | Pam Huggett

Chris Reynolds | Hill Mist

Chris Reynolds | Sunset Storm

Dandelion Clocks | Pam Huggett

From a Cave at Little Haven | Peter Greyhan

Newgale 2 | Sheila Davies

Old Friend | Pam Huggett

Rose Bush Quarry | Mark Rosser

Sunset at Broad Haven | Sheila Davies

Indira Mukherji | Painting 4

The Peacock | Pam Huggett


Tidal Cave | Pam Huggett

N/A | 001 

N/A 006 | Nina Camplin

Yachts | Dave Hands


Sunset Blue | Dave Hands

Breton Harbour | Dave Hands


Coastal Sun | Dave Hands

Safe Harbour  | Dave Hands

High Tide | Alan Edwards

Shoreline | Alan Edwards

Smugglers Moon | Alan Edwards

Autumn in Canaston Woods | Anna Hatton

Boshenton 2 | Dave Hands

Chris Reynolds | Horizon

Chris Reynolds | Surging Sea

Dark Horizon | Dave Hands

Moonlight | Pam Huggett

Newgale Sunset | Sheila Davies

Paridise Garden | Sheila Davies

3 Horses  | Sheila Davies

Sunset Over Newgale Overlooking Ramsay Island | Anna Hatton

Teasel Field | Pam Huggett

The Wave | Mark Rosser

Towards St Davids Heod | Peter Greyhan

Barry John | Alive?

005 | Sally G

Boats & Winter Sunset | Dave Hands


Pembrokeshire Cottages | Dave Hands

Figures | Dave Hands

Sunset | Dave Hands

Figures | Dave Hands

Harbour | Dave Hands

Rough Sea | Alan Edwards

Early Morning | Alan Edwards


Artwork by Pembrokeshires finest creatives